The main focus of Prator Bett, LLC is to provide to its clients economic evaluations that are usually prepared into a bound report as a final work product. The reports are used for many purposes by both public and private companies. Among the various uses of these reports is year-end reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission (public companies), acquisitions, divestitures, due diligence, estate planning, field studies, budgeting, or financing. Prator Bett, LLC provides an independent third party estimate of future reserves and revenues for its clients' exclusive use or for use by its clients' investors or lenders. Prator Bett, LLC regards each report as confidential to the client.

Prator Bett, LLC utilizes several software programs as evaluation tools. One of the most universally utilized cash flow program used in the oil and gas industry is the ARIES program. ARIES is used by many banks, investment banking firms, small to mid-size oil and gas companies, and other consulting firms. Prator Bett LLC uses the ARIES program for the much of its evaluation work. PHDwin is another program we utilize to model future cash flow. Both programs probably cover about 90% of the industry. For projects that require special needs or for foreign concessions, Excel spreadsheets can also be generated to provide an economic model of future cash flow. Utilizing these main software programs Prator Bett, LLC believes that it is providing its clients with the highest quality service available.

As technology advances, Prator Bett, LLC will continue scanning the industry for changes or new developments and will obtain new software if necessary. Several outside resources can be drawn on to help Prator Bett, LLC in providing service to its clients. Drilling Info and the IHS Energy production reports and well reports (scout tickets) are the main sources of public oil and gas historical data. If needed, a contract geologist or geophysist can be called upon for their added expertise. Well logs and maps can be digitized if necessary.



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